Join the Market Mayhem movement, where finance meets fun!

Market Mayhem is hitting the shelves summer 2024, bringing finance, fun, and fierce competition to your table!

The game is a 4-year journey, circling the board 4 times. When the token lands on or passes the ‘Opening Bell’ space after the 4th year, final dividends and fees are paid, concluding the game.

Winning? It’s all about Total Assets! 💰

About Us

Get ready to make your mark on the board!

In the dynamic world of Market Mayhem, every move is a strategic dance, and every investment is a crucial step towards financial victory.

Join us in the board game where strategic
decisions are the game-changers.

Gaming Tips!

Make sure to always keep some assets liquid!

Maintaining a well-balanced portfolio means not only investing wisely, but also ensuring you have liquid assets on hand. Why? Because having cash readily available empowers you to seize golden opportunities that arise during market downturns - your financial flexibility becomes your greatest asset.

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