Market Mayhem

Hitting the shelves Summer 2024

Bringing finance, fun, and fierce competition to your table!

Finance Meets Fun!

Market Mayhem blends tactical decision-making with the unpredictability of the stock market, offering a fun, dynamic, learning experience within a competitive and interactive framework. 

Our first edition also sets the foundation for a fun financial game play future with MUCH more to come!

Gameplay Overview

Setup: Place the Gold Bar game token on the Opening Bell space, shuffle, and place the Market Mayhem cards face down.

Prepare the PitBoard for all players to view, and distribute a $50,000 bill to each participant.

Assign Roles

Designate players to the roles of Banker (who manages all monetary transactions) and Broker (responsible for updating stock prices on the Pit Board).

After crossing the Opening Bell space, the Banker earns a $500 service fee, while the Broker gains $1,000 annually for their role. 

Everyone is an Investor.

Commencing Play: Determine the starting player by rolling the Silver Nugget dice. Highest roll goes first!

Game Dynamics

On their turn, players roll the dice to advance the token clockwise around the board, engaging in actions influenced by their landing space. Before any stock-related event unfolds, players can buy and / or sell one stock in 100 share increments, aiming to buy low and sell high!

Advancing past or landing on the Opening Bell space triggers dividend distributions and, if directly landed on, draws a Market Mayhem card to introduce significant market events that adjust stock prices. This passage also prompts annual payments to the Banker and Broker.

Market Mover Spaces: These spaces affect the Current Price across industries featured on the space according to the unfolding event. The current player may trade stocks before rerolling the dice to modify stock values.

Market Mayhem Spaces: These pivotal spaces initiate major market shifts, potentially soaring or plummeting stock values, along with introducing unexpected events like Special Dividends and Rich or Ruin cards. The active player is allowed to make stock transactions before any stock price adjustments, payouts or gambles.

Interactive Investor Spaces: Spaces like System Hack, Short Sell, Short Squeeze, and Tax Day introduce an extra layer of strategy, enabling players to impact their competitors. Navigating these decisions require a delicate balance between offensive and defensive tactics

Crowning the Victor!

The game wraps up after four complete circuits of the board or 4 years. Players tally their total assets, considering stock values, cash on hand, and any final dividends and fees paid to them. The wealthiest player is declared the victor!

MM Extras

Throughout 50+ focus groups we found and heard many ideas for game variations.  Please check out our website for those and other extras.  We hope to have the opportunity to continue to build this Gaming Platform for ALL. Check them out here!


 Game board, game token, Market Mayhem cards, Pit Board, Pit Board stand, play money, dry erase marker, pencils, sharpener, calculators and 2 dice.

LEARNING TIME: Approximately 15-30 minutes
LENGTH OF PLAY: 4 times around the board - approximately 90 minutes

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